Where Can You Find The Best Singapore Escorts?

If you are looking for Singapore escorts, here are some of the best places in Singapore you can search for them.

Find social escort girls through a local Singapore escort agency

First up, you can search for these social escort girls in Singapore through a local agency like SG VIP Escort. These agencies basically curate the girls and act as a middleman who verifies the photos and details of the escorts and help you get the girl to meet you.

One of the big benefits of using an agency is that they act as the middleman and thus help you iron out anything which may have turned off the girls. For instance, there are some escort clients who message ‘dear’ and ‘baby’ and whatnot to escorts on the first message! That is ridiculously creepy, you have not even met them. In Singapore, you will likely have turned off some of these girls and creep them out before you even have a chance for them to reply you. You might already have creeped out some genuine escorts in Singapore if you did that before. However, if you use an agency, simply contact the agency as though you would engage any agent in any other industry and make a regular booking. They will then be able to advise you on the escort’s availability and then set up a new booking and date for you.

The second big benefit of using a reputable and registered agency is that they will utilize and send you only genuine and real photos of their escorts. Just make sure that the agency has a reputation online, and not just a dud website with no real contact details and mentions of them online other than their own site.

Search for freelancers on directories or classified ad sites

You could also look for independent escorts or freelance call girls on directories or classified ad sites! Some examples of these are Open Adult Directory and an example of classified ad site in Singapore is Skokka. These websites usually offer a giant amount of escorts – however there is a big caveat. Most photographs are fake, and the escorts look nothing like their images listed on such sites.

Here are some tell tale signs of a freelance escort using a fake photograph on directories or more commonly classified ad sites:

  • They are showing full face photos – if this is the case, you can be virtually guaranteed they are not a Singaporean.
  • The photograph looks a little too ‘picture perfect’.
  • A simple Google reverse image search reveals that same photo on many other websites under different names.

If you want to look for a freelance call girl in Singapore, then make sure to look out for the above caveats.

Search for freelance girls on their own websites

You can also look for these independent escort girls on their own websites. This is a good alternative, however, there are some pointers which you may want to note when it comes to these freelancers who have their own websites:

  • There are only a few of these websites available. In Singapore, only Courtesan Cara, Risque Rebecca and a few more.
  • Usually, the amount of verification details required by freelance girls with their own websites is quite excessive. If you are comfortable with that, then by all means book them. Otherwise, trying one of the other places mentioned above in this post will be better.

If you have already found an escort using one of the above methods, and prefer somewhere chill and discreet to hang out in Singapore, here are some bars you can bring your escort to.

Who Are The Men Who Look For Social Escorts In Singapore?

There are men who look for social escorts in Singapore. However, there are lots of misconceptions for who these guys are. Here is the truth on who really are the type of men who look for social escorts in Singapore.

1. Most clients of social escorts in Singapore are successful business executives

A lot of people think wrongly that the men who look for social escorts are low income, desperate men who have no social skills. That is not true. In fact, many of these men who look for escorts are usually the same type of men that many Singaporean mothers ask their daughters to date! This is because they are usually highly successful and busy business executives who have no time to date.

2. Many of them are expatriates working in Singapore

A common group of men who look for escorts in Singapore are actually expatriates. Most expatriates only work and live in Singapore for 2 to 5 years before leaving Singapore permanently. As such, it can be quite difficult and impractical for these men to date in the conventional way. Therefore, many expats look for social escorts as a form of dating.

3. Some of these men do not intend to get married ever, or at least not any time soon

Some men choose to never get married. Others put it on the back burner, and only intend to get married in their late 30s or 40s when their careers are extremely well established. This is perhaps more common than you may think in modern day Singapore. Singapore is getting more and more expensive to live in comfortably, and so, many men choose to get their finances fully in order before starting a family. This is actually the responsible decision to do.

However, in the meantime, it can be difficult to date a girl only for the short term, never having intention of having a longer term relationship. This is especially the case in Singapore where many girls can be marriage minded only. While there are exceptions, this is just the norm. Therefore, these men look for social escorts instead. Social escorts are the epitome of a form of no hassle dating in Singapore.

How To Find An Escort In Singapore Who Looks Like Her Pics?

Plight of social escort customers in Singapore – fake photos

Finding an escort who looks like her pictures may seem like an impossible task if you stalked Skokka or Locanto. Nearly all photos look like that of supermodels, yet the girls look not even 10% similar to the advertised photos. Such is the plight of many social escort clients in Singapore.

The solution

While there is no real fool proof way, especially if you are a first time client, here are some ways in which you can greatly reduce the probability of getting scammed! Getting real photos are important, and here are some ways you can do so in Singapore.

Large & Reputable Escort Agencies

It is strongly recommended that you stick to well established agencies. There are smaller ones with lots of others popping up daily, and disappearing after a few months. If you want escorts who look like their photographs, it is important to stick to large escort agencies such as SG VIP Escorts (1).

Why do I recommend going for escort agencies?

Many independents tend to use fake photos. This is because if they are not that good looking, they probably will never get any business if they had used real photos. However, when it comes to Singapore escort agencies, they can simply recommend you another girl if you do not like one of them. They will still profit, and you will still benefit. Therefore, going the escort agency route is usually the trusted way to get photos of the real escort girls.

Something to note – true blue Singaporean escorts do not show real face photos

Singaporeans are a very privacy conscious and culturally conservative bunch of people. This means that you are not going to get a real Singaporean escort if you see their full face photos beforehand. No real Singaporean escort girl will ever do that – either by herself or through a social escort agency.

Trusted independent escorts

Now, not all independent escorts use fake photos. There are some well established ones who should be using real photos, and they are namely Courtesan Cara (2) and Risqué Rebecca (3). While they travel relatively frequently, they are verified Singaporean girls who have also been featured on mainstream media before.


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