Why More Men Prefer Escorts As Form Of Dating In Singapore

More men in Singapore are opting for more ephemeral forms of dating such as social escorts and sugar dating in recent years. Why is there such a trend? Let us explore more into this.

More Singapore social escort agencies are growing

First of all, there are more and more companies which provide either a friend for rental, or like the girlfriend experience by companies like SG VIP Escorts. If you are looking for a social escort in Singapore, you can contact SG VIP Escorts here. Partly because there is an increase in such social escort options available for clients, more men in Singapore are opting for this choice if they are still not yet in the market for settling down and marriage. After all, dating escorts versus dating for marriage is like renting versus buying a house. You want the same girlfriend experience, but without the long term commitment now. So more access now is aiding this trend.

More privacy now with the Internet and mobile phones to browse social escort websites

phoneSecond of all, in the past, it could be embarrassing for some men to look for escorts by asking a friend for referral. However, in this day and age, the Internet has proliferated throughout Singapore and every mobile device. This means that it is easy for clients to look through social escort agency websites in the privacy of their own home or hotel especially if they are a foreigner.

Dating escorts puts the power back in the hands of men

rich man picking an escort on his phone 1

Third of all, dating escorts puts the power back into the hands of men who can afford social escorts again. In traditional forms of dating, the men is the pursuer, and the women are the ones who decide who they wish to accept. This is almost always the case, especially in an Asian mindset country like Singapore. However, when it comes to dating social escorts, the clients are the one in power figuratively. This is because the clients are the ones who decide who they prefer to date, as long as the girl is available and they can afford them.